CBD For Sex: What You Didn’t Know!

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Did you know that approximately 40% of women experience painful intercourse? Did you also know that the number of men battling erectile dysfunction is expected to reach  322 millionworldwide in 2025? Lastly, did you know that CBD can help you have more fulfilling sexual experiences? Yes, it is true! As society begins to prioritize sexual wellness, science is exploring how CBD can enable us to connect more with ourselves and our partners. So far, the evidence is looking up - as are our libidos and sexual contentment! Read all about it in this article (adults only, please!) 

Inhibitors Of Sexual Pleasure & Using CBD As A Therapeutic!

Firstly, we want to stress that painful intercourse, erectile dysfunction, and low-libidos are perfectly normal. You will not always be in the mood to do the deed every day, week, or month. And that is alright. But, there are some instances where wewant to engage with our partners but are hindered by sexual inhibitions. These inhibitions may rise for several reasons - and for some, CBD extracts could help relieve these uninvited sensations. 

Some factors contributing to  low libidoare pain during intercourse, insufficient natural lubrication, stress or performance anxiety, and hormonal imbalances (like lowered testosterone). 

Low libido can be particularly stressful because sex is pivotal for physical and mental wellbeing. Studies have proven that sex is good for health. It boosts heart health, improves sleep, ups self-esteem, and even enhances the function of our immune systems! We know that sex should feel pretty damn good - so when it doesn’t, what can we do about it? 

CBD For Sexual Healing 

Fun fact - there are several cannabinoid receptors in our reproductive organs and all over our sexual tissue. We have discussed our intrinsic endocannabinoid system (ECS) many times before (check out our blog that details the ECS x CBD relationship!). But never about its relevance for sexual wellness. 

To quickly recap, the ECS is a regulatory system in the body that controls things like the immune system, the hormonal system, sleep, brain function, and more! One of the things it also affects is sex, and that is exactly what  cannabinoid receptors are present on sexual tissue.  CBD can interact with this ECS system to CBD interacts with the ECS to produce several effects, including reducing inflammation and convulsions – a common cause of pain during intercourse. CBD boosts blood flow, which increases sensitivity and prompts the body to produce more of its natural fluids. 

CBD may support a healthy sex life by: 

  • Boosting libido 
  • Increasing pleasure 
  • Relieving stress and anxiety (Which is good news for people with performance anxiety!) 
  • Increasing lubrication 

In conditions like Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, people go through intense pain during sex due to muscle spasms. Using CBD-infused lubricants brings relief to those struggling with the pain - and allows them to focus on the intimacy, warmth, and pleasure of being with their partner instead. CBD also puts you in the right mood to get jiggy with it! It enhances a  neurotransmitter, called anandamide - which evokes bliss. It is also linked to a commonly known hormone, oxytocin - or the “love hormone”.

Does Research Suggest CBD Can Be Used For Sex? 

Recently, CBD has been widely researched for its anti-inflammatory and anti-pain effects. Several studies support findings that these effects can translate in the bedroom too! 

- A  2014 study in the BioMed Research International Journal displayed the traditional use of cannabis extracts by Ayurvedic followers to improve sexual performance and combat ED.

- Research indicates that stress hormones like cortisol reduce libido, which seriously interferes with sex – which is supposed to be a fun, pleasurable activity. CBD can help you relax your body and mind while regulating stress responses. 

- A  2015 study in the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics reveals that endocannabinoid receptors containing CB1 receptors (and therefore, CBD extracts) influence arousal, testosterone levels, and erectile function. More evidence is needed, but one thing is clear. Sexual health can be deterred by the overuse of THC, but CBD seems to have significant value. 

- A  2020 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine displayed the positive impacts of cannabis on female sexual health. 

Should You Use CBD For Sex? If Yes, How? 

Plenty more research must be pursued to better understand how CBD extracts and full-spectrum cannabis oils can be used for sexual improvement. For your unique body and mind - you will never know the benefits of CBD for sex until you try it! For a natural way to uplift your sexual health and happiness, try the  Stress Buster CannaBliss oil, or the  Pain Relief CannaBliss oil from  India Hemp Organics

Whether you opt for topical lubricants, or oral full-spectrum oils (like CannaBliss), spend some time with yourself before engaging in sexual activity. Often, we can get too inside our heads - which prevents us from letting go of our inhibitions. Breathe into your body, connect with your own sexuality and desires with your preferred form of CBD.

Apply or ingest the oil 30-60 minutes before you engage with your partner. Dosages will depend on your health profile, pain levels, and other factors - which can be determined by a 1-on-1 consultation with our in-house doctor! It is usually preferred to start on a lower dose and gradually increase. For the CannaBliss oils, just a few drops (<10) held under the tongue for 60-90 secs should do the trick. 

Keep it light and breezy, folks! 







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