Make The Golden Days Count With CBD

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The benefits of CBD are many. From helping you fix your sleep cycle to reducing chronic pain, CBD can work wonders for your lifestyle. Apart from the wondrous benefits, the best part about CBD is that it doesn’t have an age limit. 

CBD oil works wonders for senior citizens looking for natural alternatives to allopathic medication. Issues such as chronic pain are more prominent among the older population. Opioid medications for such conditions can have devastating side effects. CBD oil makes the perfect alternative. 

But, there’s more to the benefits than initially meets the eye. Read on to find out more! 

Significant Benefits of CBD for Senior Citizens

1. Reduces inflammation

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it great for older people. Inflammation is a major cause of pain in the elderly, particularly in the joints. It also reduces swelling when there are injuries and physical stress on the body. 

2. Reduces Anxiety 

Elders have a higher incidence of anxiety than younger people, which often leads to sleep disruption that further aggravates stress. CBD can help reduce anxiety while also helping them sleep better to improve the symptoms of anxiety. CBD is non-toxic and has no side effects when used correctly.

3. Aids Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a disease that causes vision loss. There are two types of glaucoma - open-angle glaucoma and closed-angle glaucoma. Open-angle glaucoma is the type that causes most cases of blindness in senior citizens and is caused by increased fluid pressure in the eyes.

CBD helps reduce the fluid pressure to help protect against this form of glaucoma.

4. Pain Relief and Management

CBD has proven to help with pain relief in many ways. It triggers a chemical reaction in the body that reduces hormones like endorphins that aid in soothing inflammation and body pain. 

5. Reduces Nausea 

Nausea is a common side effect of illness. CBD helps calm the gut to help reduce nausea and make it easier for sick seniors to eat regular meals without feeling too nauseous.

6. Management of Neurodegenerative Disorders

The consumption of CBD oils helps protect the brain. Several neurodegenerative diseases affect senior citizens. This includes Alzheimer's disease and dementia. 

CBD is not a cure-all, but it aids in protecting the brain from some of the damage associated with these diseases.

7. Management of Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Symptoms

Full-spectrum CBD oils help lower blood pressure and cholesterol to lessen the risk of stroke and heart attack for seniors who may have hypertension or high cholesterol levels. 

Why CBD Oil?

CBD oil has several great benefits, but what makes it the right alternative to allopathic medication?

  • Non-addictive 

One of the biggest advantages of CBD oil is that it is non-addictive. Despite being extracted from cannabis, a plant that can get you ‘high’, CBD does not have the same effects. It is purely medical.

Allopathic medication, especially pain management medication, is known to be extremely addictive. Many develop a major dependence that eventually leads to bigger health issues. 

With a natural alternative like CBD, there’s no risk of adding an addiction to the list of problems. 

  • Long-Lasting Solution 

When it comes to problems like pain management, allopathic medicine is not the ideal solution. Due to its addictive nature, doctors prescribe smaller dosages and are extremely careful with prescribing them. While it is a good measure, it leads to improper pain management. 

CBD as a natural alternative is a better solution overall. It is non-addictive, effective, and can be used in the long term. So, whether it’s pain management or sleep disorders, there’s no risk of improper management or unwanted side effects! 

In Conclusion 

CBD is a boon for the elderly. It helps treat conditions and manage symptoms naturally. Unlike traditional medication, it doesn't have any nasty side effects. 

Shifting to a natural alternative like CBD oil ensures a long-lasting solution to more chronic conditions. If you're interested and looking for the best CBD oil in India, then check out our range of CannaBliss oils. From topical oils to stronger oral formulations, we have something for everything!

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