Medical Cannabis for a Stress-Free life!

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STRESS: Ah! That daunting feeling that can consume us to the point where we shut off from our everyday activities, responsibilities, family, friends and loved ones. 

All of us deal with a certain amount of stress on a daily basis. Be it college, work or family -- the thought of not being able to cope with things and move on always leaves us with a heavy feeling in our gut.

High levels of stress can have a negative impact on our health, relationships and quality of life. And worse, it can also lead to other problems such as depression, anxiety, chronic pain, racing thoughts and unnecessary worry. 

And that often leads to most of us resorting to anti-anxiety and anti-depressants. Yes, that may be a quick fix, but is it really sustainable in the long run? The answer is no, because these allopathic medications come with serious downsides in the future.

So what do we do when our stress levels shoot up and we can't seem to keep it all under control? 

What if we told you that you can resolve all your problems, tread on a path of physical and mental well-being and feel calmer -- all this in a completely natural way? 

The secret is... 

A natural ingredient that’s medicinal in nature, that research has time and again proven the efficacy of, and one that heals you from a cellular may have guessed it by now: it’s medicinal cannabis!

And before you have racing thoughts, allow us to explain how it works - 

There is a lot of misinformation and misconception about medical cannabis. There are so many questions that come to our minds when we first think of cannabis, and we're sure you have many too.  

Read on, because we’ll answer all your queries. 

For starters, what is CBD - the most talked about cannabinoid and what does it do? 

CBD which is also known as Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring chemical compound that is found in the Cannabis plant. It is one of the 113 identified cannabinoids and also the most talked about. It helps induce relaxation, calm, and a feeling of “feeling good.” Well, its just that - your feel good factor. 

The CannaBliss range comprises of full-spectrum cannabis oils, meaning they don't have just one compound alone, but all 113+ different cannabinoids the cannabis plant offers, along with terpenes and flavonoids. 

Now, here’s how medicinal cannabis interacts with your human physiology: 

Medicinal cannabis, when consumed sublingually under the tongue, starts to interact with the human body within just 20-40 mins post administration.

To know how it does this, it’s important to understand the Endocannabinoid System, a system that's inherently present in every mammal’s body, and of course, yours and mine too. 

The Endocannabinoid System or ECS is a body-wide signalling network that is one of the most important physiological systems in the human body. The sole purpose of the ECS is to maintain homeostasis, or balance, in the mind and body. In other words, as your external environment changes, the ECS works to keep your body’s internal processes stable. For example, when it’s hot outside, you begin to sweat, and when it’s cold outside, you begin to shiver -- that’s your ECS in it’s functioning. Hence, an effective ECS is like a perfect dance partner, working with your immune system to create a balanced and healthy body and mind.

Now, the ECS has two types of receptors, CB1and CB2, that are found all throughout human physiology, such as the peripheral nervous system, the central nervous system, immune system, and even the brain. 

And here's how cannabis interacts with your system: the cannabinoids (such as CBD, CBG, CBN, THC) that are all present in the CannaBliss Oil interact with these receptors (CB1 and CB2).

And this interaction does the following:

  • It activates our adenosine receptors,
  • Improves the functioning of our ECS,
  • Regulates the production of neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, 
  • Increases the levels of anandamide (the bliss molecule) in the brain, 

which all leads to lowered levels of stress and anxiety. CBD also binds to our neural receptors which generally control the body temperature, inflammation, sleep patterns, etc. 

We all know how stress can affect our body and lead from one thing to another. And one of the first things that happens is either chronic pain in the body because of tension being held in our muscles, or sleepless nights because of an overactive mind. Cannabinoids help with all these symptoms, by fixing the problem from a receptor and cellular level, a.k.a, the source itself. 

Also, did you know your body was essentially designed to benefit from this medicine? 

Well, for starters, the endocannabinoid system is named after the cannabis plant itself, because of how cannabinoids interact with the system to aid healing of the mind and body. At the same time, our body too consists of cannabinoids that are inherently present within. Endo literally means within. However, there are times when poor diet, lack of exercise, poor lifestyle habits, and other factors can disrupt your body’s natural ability to produce these necessary endocannabinoids, and that’s when problems arise.

But the good news? Just how you eat immune rich foods when your immunity is low to boost your immune system, likewise you can obtain cannabinoids from plants (called phytocannabinoids) to stabilise the functioning of your ECS. The full-spectrum cannabis oil range we offer comprises of not just one, but over 113+ different cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. 

Well, thats all it takes to go back to a healthy body and a happy mind! 

So what are some of the benefits you’ll notice post consumption?

On consuming medicinal cannabis oils, such as the CannaBliss Stress Buster Cannabis Oil, you will start to notice benefits and changes within 20-40 mins of administration. Some of the holistic health benefits witnessed are: 

  • A calmer and relaxed mind.
  • Enhanced mood, it really is your feel-good factor.
  • A linear thinking pattern, instead of a cyclic one. 
  • It helps in combating PTSD, social anxiety disorder, chronic pain, etc.
  • Improved focus and concentration. 
  • Better regulation of neurotransmitters, like serotonin, etc. 
  • Better sense of well being. 

Okay, I’m convinced! But why is medical cannabis oil better than allopathic medication, such as anti-depressants?

Well, its simple! The philosophy of natural healing is to avert humans from needless sufferings and to provide them a stretched and fit life. The Stress Buster cannabis oil discovers the origin of the problem and eliminates it fully. Whereas allopathic medication give us an immediate relief by abolishing the organisms that caused the disease but it's not certain that the disease is forever cured.  

The cannabis oil consists of a natural, sacred herb which helps cure disease from the root and leaves behind little to no side effects. Allopathy cures illness in no time but leaves behind a range of side effects like allergies, pain, etc.

Cannabinoids also benefit other forms of anxiety, such as social anxiety disorder (SAD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It also helps with anxiety induced insomnia. 

Lately, several case studies have researched CBD’s effects on people with Social Anxiety Disorder where participants were given an oral dose of CBD. Those who received CBD experienced overall reduced anxiety levels. Multiple recent studies have shown that CBD can help with PTSD symptoms, such as having nightmares and replaying negative memories. 

CASE STUDY: Another case study of a 49 year-old female presented with a history of anxiety, depression and binge eating since early adulthood. She had been treated previously with various antidepressants, but nothing helped. She was started on 2.5 mg of Full Spectrum CBD oil once daily, and she increased to 2.5 mg twice daily after 2 weeks. Almost immediately, she reported a 60-70% reduction in her anxiety symptoms. She has also experienced improved sleep and increased day-time energy. 

Case Study link :

Here are some more self-care and holistic wellbeing tips to deal with stress the right way:

  • Some techniques that are recommended to deal with stress is to practice meditation, mindfulness and yoga, perform active activities such as walking outdoors, jogging, etc.
  • Eating a more balanced meal with the right amount of fruits and vegetables. Our diet can be a controlled factor in dealing with stress. So providing our body with the right food instead of relying on unhealthy “comfort food” is very important. 
  • Self talk is something that helps when you are dealing with stress. Instead of saying things like “I can’t do this” , “I hate this”, “This is so difficult”, try turning all the negative statements into a positive such as “I’ll do my best”, “I can do this”, “I’m strong enough to deal with this” etc. Switching up the way you look at things can drastically change the level of stress you’re going through. 
  • Being aware of the unhealthy habits ( drinking, smoking, procrastinating, overeating/under eating, ignoring friends/family/responsibilities) and turning them into positives can be life changing instead of letting stress ruin your life.
A few more healthy habits are: 
  • Talking to friends and family 
  • Engage in daily physical activity
  • Get enough sleep
  • Try not to worry about small things
  • And of course, nature's medicine! The STRESS BUSTER Full Spectrum CBD Oil so your mind can step into a calmer, relaxed, and a more blissful state through natural, plant-based remedies. 

Embark on a journey of CannaBliss wellness through our Full Spectrum CBD Oils, and welcome a better version of yourself. 

See you on the happier side :)

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