How And Where To Buy Hemp Oil In India?

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Cannabis products like hemp oil have had to overcome decades of stigma to emerge in society as the miracle, therapeutic herb it is. However, the last few years have brought forth a revolution of people who believe in the benefits of natural therapy.

Without updated information, we don’t know where we can buy things like hemp oil in India or how to even get started. If this resonates with you, this article might help you understand the different options you can leverage to take your health to the next level. 

What Is Hemp Oil?

People often confuse hemp oil with hemp seed oil, but they contain different phytochemicals or plant chemicals. Unlike hemp seed oil, hemp oil is extracted from the entire Cannabis sativa plant, leaving out the roots. If you want to know the difference between hemp seed oil and hemp oil, we have a blog that details the topic! 

Hemp oil is filled with cannabinoids (over 140 different kinds!), and cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of them. This cannabinoid has entered the limelight to treat various ailments as an alternative to allopathy. Hemp oil is often used to relieve arthritis, IBS, PCOS, stress and anxiety, sleep apnea, and chronic pain. CBD is not psychoactive, so you don’t have to worry about getting “intoxicated” when you use these products. It may sound a little like it’s too good to be true. But it is true. It’s just that good.

Where Can I Buy Hemp Oil?

If you are battling a lifestyle disorder, a mental disorder, or some sort of pain, you may benefit from hemp oil more than you know. It is one of the safer options to deal with these health problems without having unwanted side effects that impact your daily life. The best part about hemp oil is that it is readily available online from companies like India Hemp Organics.

At IHO, we have a range of therapeutic hemp oils that you can choose from, depending on the condition you hope to resolve.

How To Buy Hemp Oil?

Before you start using hemp oil, you need to consult a doctor about your health profile and history. At India Hemp Organics, we offer consultations with an experienced Ayurveda doctor who will prescribe the dosage of hemp oil that is suited to you. Hemp oil is usually consumed orally - and only a few drops do the trick! The general dosage for a healthy adult would be less than 10 drops twice a day, depending on which of the products (listed above) you need.

There are a few questions you can ask yourself before buying a hemp oil product to make sure that you get the best natural treatment you deserve.  

· Where is it Sourced from?

It is crucial to know where your hemp oil is coming from. The hemp plant absorbs all the nutrients from the soil - so it should be well-treated in uncontaminated soil. India Hemp Organic’s Cannabis extracts are locally sourced from the Himalayas, where members of the farming community cultivate these plants with care.

· Is it Organic?

You have probably heard the saying, “You are what you eat” – and this is true for hemp extracts that are consumed too. Hemp plants that are organically grown are cultivated without the use of pesticides and toxic chemicals. When used, these chemicals harm the plant, those that consume it, and the environment. Cannabis extracts from plants grown organically are also known to have preferred flavor and safety.

· Is it Non-GMO?

GM crops or genetically modified crops are plants whose genes are altered in some way to get a particular result – like a longer life span or faster growth. In some cases, these crops can cause problems to our health and the planet. GM crops can trigger more allergic reactions and increase the resistance of pests – which is already a significant hurdle in the agricultural sector. Hemp oils like Cannabis are non-GMO, which makes them safer for regular use.


All products, including the full-spectrum cannabis oils from India Hemp Organics, are ethically and organically sourced, non-GMO, and fine-tuned for long-term wellness. We do not offer one-time products; we offer a multifaceted solution to your health problems. We are committed to creating a new, healthier, and happier you by guiding you through your journey with hemp extracts.

After reading this article, if you feel like your life could be improved by hemp products, here are some resources for you to take the next steps in your journey to wellness:

To learn more about hemp oil, you can read our blogs.

To book a free health consultation with our in-house Ayurveda doctor - you can head to this webpage

To explore our entire range of hemp products, including hemp seed oil and hemp protein - you can visit our product page.


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