CBD For Pain: Truth or Myth?

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The world is slowly starting to accept cannabis as a safer, natural alternative to opioid medication. However, the skepticism surrounding CBD for pain still exists. Does it really reduce pain? Can it help in the long term? How long do the effects last?

We answer all of these questions and a bit more in this article. 

Read on to find out more! 

Does CBD Help Pain?

Cannabis, and therefore CBD, is still being researched as an alternative to regular opioid medication. It’s shown a lot of promise when it comes to pain management in chronic conditions. 

But, does this mean CBD can help with your pain? Yes! 

Cannabis is well-known for itspain-relieving properties. Most commonly, it’s known to be used bypatients going through chemotherapy. It subdues the pain, reduces nausea, improves appetites, uplifts the mood and so much more. 

When it comes to CBD itself, the trend carries on. According to the research,CBD combined with some THC has amazing pain relieving properties. It’s effective, safe, and natural. 

Since it’s got great pain-relieving properties, it’s being considered an alternative to opioid medication. Those with chronic pain are turning toward this safer alternative to manage their pain daily. 

CBD for Short-Term Pain

With most of the research focused on chronic pain management, the natural question of short-term and non-chronic pain comes up. 

The research around CBD and cannabis shows that they can help mitigate short-term pains. If you’re feeling pain after a workout, a small headache, or any other type of pain, it will help. 

How Does CBD Work For Pain?

While we’ve established that CBD for pain does work, it’s important to understand how this happens.

CBD and THC are chemicals in the cannabis plant that are most commonly known. These cannabinoids are two of almost 113! They are responsible for your pain relief along with all the other benefits. By interacting with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), they leave you in better health

In short, CBD binds itself to receptors in the ECS to reduce inflammation and pain. When they bind themselves to receptors, they trigger signals that push your body to reduce your pain.  

Do Higher Doses of CBD Work Better?

With opioid medication, the more you take the stronger the effects. In theory, this may seem like solid logic you can apply to CBD. However, the reality is a little different. 

You indeed require a certain dose to feel the benefits of CBD. The dosage differs per person and requires a little experimentation to get it spot on. However, taking a larger dose will not work ‘better’. You won’t see a difference in pain felt or side effects, or overdose. 

So, a higher dose of CBD does not work better. It’s best to take the dosage right for you! 

How Long Do The Effects of CBD for Pain Last?

Much like opioid medication, the effects of CBD also last a certain amount of time. The time it lasts in your system varies mostly by the form of CBD you’re ingesting. Generally, no matter how much CBD you’re ingesting, the effects last only about 2 to 6 hours. 

But, the compound remains in your body for a lot longer. 


CBD, and cannabis as a whole, is still being heavily researched as an alternative to traditional opioid pain medication. While there hasn’t been much research, the few studies that have come out have shown great promise regarding CBD and pain. 

It’s actively being used by many around the world to manage their pain and live healthier, happier lives. Products like ourCannaBliss Pain Relief have a significant effect on pain and are great for long-term pain management. 

So, to conclude CBD for pain is a complete truth. Are you going to try it? 








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