How To Use CBD Oil For Arthritis

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For people that live with arthritis, life is a painful endeavor. We use our joints for everything, don’t we? To walk, to sit, to eat, to type, to drive, and everything in between. Each of these daily activities in a society that demands productivity and action goes up a level in difficulty when arthritis is put into the mix. For the 350 million people that tackle arthritis, is there no relief? Can CBD oil be used to treat arthritis - and if yes, how? Read on to find out! 

What In The World Is CBD? 

CBD, or cannabidiol, is just one of the many cannabinoids you can find in the hemp plant (a.k.a Cannabis sativa). For those concerned - no, it is not the same as marijuana, although it stems from the cannabis plant. CBD does not intoxicate users. It reacts with our body’s naturally-occurring endocannabinoid system (ECS) to regulate certain functions in the brain, heart, hormonal and immune system. 

Did you know that your body actually produces cannabinoids on its own? Yes, it’s true! We all create cannabinoids like anandamide, which helps your body do what it does best - keep you going strong! 

CBD, from the hemp plants, acts on this ECS to bring an array of benefits for diseases and disorders that compromise physical and mental wellbeing. 

A Bit About Arthritis 

Arthritis encompasses 100 different categories of disorders that have several symptoms in common. They have different causes and treatments, but most of them manifest as joint pain, inflammation, fatigue, rigidity, and an inability to move. This condition is more complicated than someone who has not experienced it can imagine. Those with arthritis often endure chronic pain daily,which makes tasks physically taxing. The physical toll turns into mental exhaustion and distress after having to show up at home and in the workplace for business as usual. Therefore, anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation, and reduced appetite often arise as second-hand effects of arthritis. 

If you would like to learn more about the different types of arthritis and their treatments, please visit our previous blog! 

The Relationship Between Arthritis & CBD: Constructive or Toxic? 

Research on the benefits of CBD oil for arthritis prevention and relief is just at its inception. With that said, recent studies reveal the promising benefits of CBD! Here’s how CBD can alleviate your symptoms of arthritis. 

  • CBD reduces pain in two ways for arthritis. The topical application acts on the sore site of the joint, and CBD affects neuro transmission of pain signals too! It is especially useful for chronic pain where there is no assured cure. 
  • CBD has been studied as a popular remedy for inflammation. In arthritis, autoimmune disorders inappropriately trigger the immune system to attack the body’s cells. This causes inflammation, which can be reduced with full-spectrum cannabis oils. 
  • CBD increases the quantity of serotonin in the brain to bring feelings of relaxation to the body and mind. 
  • Full-spectrum cannabis oils are incredible for sleep regulation as well. 
  • It also helps with some of the lesser-known side effects of arthritis, like loss of appetite and nausea. 
  • CBD has also been found to act as a synergistic compound (that means it’s complimentary) to other arthritis medications like methotrexate. 

Can CBD oil be used as a preventative measure for arthritis? 

The symptoms of arthritis are exacerbated by age. Most people with arthritis over the age of 50 are at risk for severe symptoms. When it comes to arthritis, the causes are a combination of nature and nurture. Indeed, we cannot change our nature (genes), but we can change our lifestyles. CBD oil does not guarantee the prevention of arthritis. But, it does help maintain a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle both - for the body and mind. CBD can help reduce the chances ofobesity (one of the driving factors of arthritis) and supports a life of exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness. 

How To Get Started With CBD Oil For Arthritis? 

CBD can be a powerful tool for internal and external healing. There are several ways to use CBD via a topical oil like CannaBliss For Arthritis Relief, sprays, gels, or even consumable forms like gummies and capsules. But these may not be for everyone. Before you begin your wellness journey with CBD, you must discuss the possibility with your doctor first. 

At India Hemp Organics, we offer a free consultation with our in-house doctor who will assess your health profile and determine if CBD is the route for you! The dosage will be adjusted according to your needs for the best results. 

For topical oils, you can take the prescribed amount and gently massage the tender area of your skin. Dosages vary based on your health profile and pain intensity for topical application - so do confirm this with your physician. For ingestible CBD, you can use a full-spectrum oil like our CannaBliss oil. After you get the green-light from the doctor, you can begin with a dose of a few drops below the tongue, twice a day and tweak your dosage according to your response. Our CannaBliss oil is made with natural, non-GMO ingredients that are ethically sourced from hard-working farmers in the Himalayas! 

Remember that CBD is a supplementary intervention for arthritis. You don’t need to stop the things you are already doing to keep it under control. But adding CBD to your treatment plan can bring relief on a whole other level. Get started today


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