How To Use CannaBliss Sleep Well Full Spectrum CBD Oil

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Does the consumption of full-spectrum hemp oil promote better sleep? How can you use it to gain maximum benefits? Let’s find out.

A good night's sleep is vital. It lets your body get the rest it needs to feel refreshed and recharged. A full night's sleep can have you ready and charged to take on a new day!

But, without adequate sleep, you’re bound to lose focus and notice a decrease in brain function. In the long run, sleep loss deprivation leaves you susceptible to disease as well. So, you must get a full seven to nine hours of sleep a night.

When there are things that are keeping you up at night, there’s a simple solution - our CannaBliss Sleep Well full-spectrum hemp oil.

If you’ve tried our range of CannaBliss hemp oils before, you know they work wonders. The full-extract cannabis oils calm your mind and help you gain control over your thoughts. A few drops of this oil promote deep, uninterrupted sleep.

Your nights just got better with our new formulations. Lately, we’ve been working on enhancing our formulas to make them stronger and more effective. Every bottle of CannaBliss will now last longer and be more effective than ever before. You’re going to be sleeping a lot better with lesser now!

Benefits of CannaBliss Sleep Well

It’s not enough to say that CannaBliss will help you sleep better. After all, we’ve improved our formula to act faster, last longer, and be more effective. Every drop of cannabis extract is now stronger, so you’ll need fewer drops to get the same effect.

But what are these effects?

  • Regulates Sleep Cycle

Having a regular, reliable sleep cycle is an important part of staying healthy. With a reliable, consistent sleep schedule in place, the quality of rest you’re getting is higher. Your body can shut down at the same time every night and adjust your circadian rhythm to let you slip into the deepest, most restful sleep possible.

  • Regulates Melatonin Levels

Melatonin is an important sleep hormone that your body secretes. An irregularity in melatonin levels can lead to restlessness, irregular sleep cycles, and a lack of deep sleep. CannaBliss regulates your melatonin levels to keep your sleep cycle regular and healthy.

  • Helps You Relax

Whether it’s restless leg syndrome or an anxious mind, the cannabis extracts help relax and de-stress you. CannaBliss hemp oil induces feelings of ease and relaxation to help you fall asleep within minutes.

  • Regulates Cortisol Levels

When your cortisol levels are high, you're energized and active. It can disrupt your sleep cycle. Consumption of full-spectrum CBD oil regulates and lowers cortisol levels, leading to a good night's sleep.

About CannaBliss Sleep Well

The new Sleep Well formula is stronger than ever before. Every drop of the formulation is imbibed with 12% Vijaya extract. The stronger formulation is guaranteed to act faster, last longer, and be more effective.

The formulation is available in 2 sizes: 10 mL and 30 mL. Depending on your dosage and requirement, they can last anywhere between 4 weeks to 12 weeks respectively!

Each bottle contains added ingredients such as:

  • Peppermint
  • Lavender
  • Valerian Root

The added ingredients are all proven to improve sleep quality and help regulate sleep cycles.

How to Use CannaBliss Sleep Well Full Spectrum CBD Oil

CannaBliss Sleep Well CBD oil is meant for sublingual absorption. It lets the oil get easily absorbed by sublingual glands and work effectively.

Here's how to use it! 

· Fill the tincture with oil

· Open your mouth, lift your tongue and squeeze the tincture

· Hold the oil for about 90 seconds

· Post that, swallow the oil

Make sure you consume CannaBliss hemp oil based on the recommended dosage.

CannaBliss full-spectrum hemp oil is formulated to help make your bedtime the best time. Enjoy a lifetime of deep, high-quality sleep with a few drops of our hemp oil!

India Hemp Organics produces the best sustainable and naturally sourced CBD oil in India. Get yours today!

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