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Meet The New CBD Oils You Need In Your Life! 

Sometimes life can get too hard to handle. Whether it’s chronic pain that’s getting on your nerves, or your anxiety ramping up your nerves - there always seems to be something throwing you off balance. 

Your mind, body, and soul need a break. To resume functioning in a healthy, balanced manner - you need a healthy, balanced solution. Jumping back into old routines, quick fixes, and life-altering medications isn't the solution. 

We believe that the gentle, natural healing powers of cannabis are your solution. 

Cannabis has been a part of Ayurveda and Indian culture for a long time. Whether you call it Vijaya or cannabis, it has some integral benefits that help restore balance and heal. 

The benefits of cannabis come with zero side effects. As a natural remedy, it is easy to integrate into your life. Once a part of your everyday routine, you start to see long-term and effective changes. 

Unlike other types of medication, cannabis is gentle, long-lasting, and proven option that’s guaranteed to help you achieve wellness. 

Our New Oils 

With our philosophy in mind, enjoy our new full-spectrum CBD oils. Each one is created with the best ingredients to provide the greatest experience. We’ve reformulated our oils to make sure that every drop has a new strength. So, you’re getting a faster and more effective performance with less!  


Don’t stress with the stress-buster around. Much like a beach vacation, the stress buster oil is guaranteed to melt the stress from your mind and body.

The new formulation is infused with 10% cannabis extract to keep you calm longer, faster, and with lesser product. It even reduces the side effects of stress such as insomnia, muscle pain, and loss of appetite. Your new stress-free days will be more focused, clear, and calm. 


Pain leaves you feeling your absolute worst. With our pain relief oil with 15% cannabis extract, you can curb and manage even the worst of chronic pain. The oils are guaranteed to relieve pain, inflammation, and nausea, and improve your mood and sleep cycle. 

The cannabis extract in the oils is proven to help with pain management. It lower pain levels while being non-toxic and non-addictive. Pain relief is your solution to a pain-free life in a bottle. It even comes in 2 different flavors! 


Nobody can function without a good night’s rest. But, when sleep evades you and nothing is helping let cannabis come to the rescue. 

Our 12% cannabis extract Sleep Well formulation is guaranteed to help you back into a regular sleep cycle. More than just the average cycle, the oils help you achieve deep sleep, which is necessary for you to feel rested and healthy. 


When you’re feeling a bit out of balance and nothing seems to help, try our new Balance formulation. With 5% cannabis extract, the formulation sets you on the path to restoring the balance in your mind and body. It helps regulate hormones, sleep cycles, and anxiety, and reduces pain. 

If you’ve tried our CBD oils before, then you know how much they help. With a stronger, faster-acting formulation you get more for less. Every bottle is guaranteed to last longer and put your wellness first. 

So, what formula are you getting today?

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